Task: Develop a social application for large and medium-sized companies. The application's objective is to engage employees: tell and invite to internal events, create groups, publish training for employees, and connect with platforms such as Slack, Google Calendar, DropBox and others.

Platform: Bubble.io
Terms: 3 months

It was necessary to make a visual style, and fully develop the application.

Main functionality:
Internal analytics for employee engagement;
Ability Create events and register;
Ability to host online events;
Internal messenger;
The ability Create communities and publish information in them;
Possibility to publish internal training;
Integrations with all business platforms such as Slack, Google Calendar, Asana, DropBox and more.

If you want to know about all the functionality and learn more about this project, please contact me. I will share more about the project and functionality.

Platform: Bubble

Time, working on a project: 2 month

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